Shuttles provide a door-to-door service to all parts of Christchurch and some surrounding areas using multi-passenger vans. A shuttle can be cheaper than a taxi but you will usually share the van with other passengers and the shuttle may stop at other destinations before your own.

Travel time from the airport direct to the city centre is approximately 15-20 minutes, allow additional time for the shuttle to make stops for other passengers. Prices vary by shuttle company and you are advised to ask before beginning your journey.

The shuttle rank is located outside the International Arrivals Hall, next to the taxi rank (exit through door 7).

You can book a shuttle by calling 0800 SHUTTLE (0800 748885) or alternatively you can also book a shuttle through the airport i-SITE team on +64 (3) 741 3980. The i-SITE centre is located in the International Arrivals Hall.