Airside Driving

CIAL requires all persons who drive or operate any equipment on the movement area of the airport to be the holder of a valid Airside Driver Permit (ADP) and carry that permit at all times when on duty airside. If you work on a regular basis on airside and require an Airside Driver Permit (ADP).

To apply for an Christchurch Airport Airside Driving Permit (ADP) contact Airport
Services Support:

Refer to the Christchurch Airport Driving Zones map below to identify the Category for your business requirements.

Airside Driving Permit (ADP) application process:

  • Register with Airport Services
  • Complete the CIAL online terminal induction (compulsory)
  • Complete the Category 1 ADP online module (compulsory)
  • Complete the Category 2 ADP online module only if required

For Category 2B and Category 3 enquiries please contact Vai (Vay) Papali'i - Quality, Training and Process Coordinator on 353 7091 or email

For all other enquiries contact Airport Services

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