Reducing Our Waste

Waste is a by-product of operating a diverse and large organisation, but we can work with all our stakeholders to reduce, reuse and recycle, so we minimise the impact on our environment. We are passionate about reducing costs and our storage footprint, managing less waste in our business, and achieving growth without impact on the environment, so our business protects our city, region and island.

The generation and disposal of waste is inherent in the operation of an airport. Wastes generated by Christchurch Airport operations include paper, cardboard, garden waste, waste oil, food waste and waste sludge collected from sumps and interceptor devices.

Our approach to waste management is based on the principles of the waste hierarchy to:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle
  • Recover
  • Treat
  • Dispose

Our Priorities


  • Improve diversion rates from terminal tenants and Christchurch Airport operated spaces
  • Efficient and effective waste management contract


  • Avoid procurement of surplus stock
  • Reduce surplus stock stored onsite