Bag Allowances

Bag allowances vary by airline. To find out your exact bag allowance contact your airline directly.

Check-in Times

Allow at least 40 minutes for domestic flights and 2-3 hours for international flights when checking-in.  For more specific information regarding check-in, contact your airline directly.  

No Sleeping at the Airport

There are no sleeping facilities at the terminal and visitors are not permitted to set up bedding or lie on the floor or furniture.

If you're in the terminal late at night or very early in the morning, our staff may ask to see your flight details to and from the airport.

You can spend a few hours at the airport overnight if at least one of your travel bookings is a flight and:

  • you can prove you arrived into Christchurch after 10.30pm by commercial transport (plane, coach, rental car, campervan)


  • will depart from the airport via booked commercial transport by 8.00am and have documentation to prove this (plane, coach, rental car, campervan).

In that case, you're welcome to sit in a chair for those few hours. You will be expected to comply with all requests and instructions from airport staff while you are with us.

You will not be permitted to sit at the airport overnight if:

  • you did not arrive at the airport on commercial transport (plane, coach, rental car, campervan) after 10.30pm


  • you can prove you are booked to leave on a flight or by coach, rental car or campervan before 8am the next morning.

In this case, you cannot expect to use the airport for a free night's accommodation and you should find accommodation elsewhere. There are a number of hotels and motels in close proximity to the airport. Sudima Airport Hotel is located a 5 minute walk from the terminal. Jucy Snooze offers affordable accommodation and is a 10 minute walk from the terminal.

To book accommodation, visit the airport i-SITE team located in the International Arrivals Hall or call (03) 741 3980 or email