Help with Luggage

Lost Luggage

For assistance with lost luggage please contact your airline directly. Click here for airline contact details.

Baggage Trolleys

Trolleys are available throughout the airport at no cost.

Services available at Luggage Solutions

Luggage Storage

Storage facilities for luggage and travel related items including bikes and sports equipment. All stored items must be packed or boxed. If you have an unusual item please enquire in advance. Long term discounts are available for storage longer than 7 days.

Baggage Wrapping

Items that can be wrapped include baggage, prams and sports equipment.

Also available: polystyrene wine boxes, recycled plastic bicycle bags, large plastic bags, bubble wrapping and heat sealed synthetic strapping.

Freighting Excess Baggage

Freight services for overweight or excess baggage.

Luggage Solutions can send your excess baggage overseas by air freight to your destination airport within 4-10  days.

A domestic courier service is also available.

For preliminary enquiries please provide your destination airport as well as the weight (in kg) and measurements (in cm: length x width x height) of each item.    

Phone:   +64 (3) 358 8027

After hours:   +64 (3) 942 6798  (emergency only)



Bicycle Packing Facilities 

If you wish to take your bicycle on a flight, it must be in suitable packaging. Reusable plastic bicycle bags and heat sealed strapping is available at Luggage Solutions. To prepare your bicycle to be packed into a plastic bicycle bag you need to secure the handlebar so it is parallel to the frame, lower the seat and fold up or remove the pedals. No further dismantling is required. Luggage Solutions will strap the handlebar to the frame and secure the wheels to each other before packing your bicycle into a strong Euro-style reusable plastic bicycle bag and closing it with heat slead straps. Contact Luggage Solutions for further information.