Bicycle Facilities

Christchurch Airport offers services that make travelling with a bicycle that much easier.

Bicycle Assembly Areas

Convenient places to disassemble or assemble your bike free of charge. Each station is equipped with tools, bike pumps and stands for you to hang your bike on.

Located outside in the plaza (next to Door 4 and between Doors 5 & 6). 

E-bike Charging Station

Two e-bike charging points are located at the bike racks on the ground floor of the Express Park (car park building). 


When arriving into Christchurch Airport from a flight you will need to collect your bicycle from the oversize baggage collection point at your conveyor belt.


If you wish to take your bicycle on a flight, it must be in suitable packaging.

Air New Zealand has bike boxes available to purchase at $25, subject to availability.

Alternatively Luggage Solutions offer a last minute bicycle packing service using Euro-style plastic bicycle bags and heat sealed straps. You must confirm with your airline that this packing is acceptable.

To prepare your bicycle to be packed into a plastic bicycle bag you need to use your tool kit to secure the handlebar so it is parallel to the frame, lower the seat and fold up or remove the pedals in the assembly areas outside the terminal. No further dismantling is required. Luggage Solutions will strap the handlebar to the frame and secure the wheels to each other before packing your bicycle into your plastic bicycle bag and closing it with heat sealed straps. Contact Luggage Solutions for further information.


If you wish to leave your bicycle at the airport there are two places to lock and leave your bicycle. They are:

1) Under the Express Park (covered car park building) (unsecured)

2) Luggage Solutions offer a secure storage service for packed bicycles