Facts & Figures

As the international gateway for Christchurch and the South Island, Christchurch Airport is a major hub and the busiest and most strategic air connection to the world's trade and tourism markets. The airport is New Zealand's second largest airport with 10 partner airlines coming from 22 destinations.

Passenger Numbers         

  • A record 6.57 million passengers travelled in and out of Christchurch Airport in the 2017 financial year (FY17)
  • Airline seat availability grew 7% during the year FY17 to 8.3 million

Financial Reporting for FY17

  • Operating Revenue grew 4.3% ($7.34m) to $177.3 million
  • EBITDAF (Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, amortisation and net investment property fair value movements) grew 5.5% to $108.7 million
  • NPAT (New Profit After Tax) grew 50% to $64.6 million
  • Dividends of $38.3 million were declared for the year

In line with the Board's policy of paying 90% of NPAT (excluding revaluation gains), the Board approved dividends of $34.8 million for the FY17 year, plus a special one-off dividend of $3.5 million to reflect the strong performance of the company. That means total declared dividends for FY17 are $38.3 million. View CIAL's Annual Reports here

The Community

The airport company supports the Christchurch, Canterbury and South Island economy in several ways, including:

  • Approx. 6,000 people are employed on the airport campus in full time, part time or casual roles, making it the largest single centre of employment in the South Island
  • The airport creates employment for more than 20,000 full time equivalent workers (FTEs) in the Canterbury region
  • Antarctic operations delivers $80 million in direct benefits to the city annually.
  • The airport helps to retain technicians and associated professionals within the region and New Zealand

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